Monday, September 6, 2010

Titan Thoughts

The first Titan Thoughts since last years Jekyll and Hyde season. The final cuts can be found here.

Watching the preseason, I have high hopes for our team this year. Defensive line play is back to its Pro Bowl form. If you're a fantasy player, those guys deserve your attention.

The secondary looks to be improved, with McCourty in line to replace Harper at cornerback. Although Verner showed real potential there, he'll be on Special teams for a while. I see him as a nickelback eventually. He has great instincts.

On offense, VY looked crisp at QB, although he didn't play a whole lot. Collins still has an arm, and as a backup will be extremely valuable. Best insurance policy a team could want. Speaking of guns, third string QB Rusty Smith has one and will hopefully take advantage of his opportunity and learn the system. I have it on good authority that people named Rusty are quick studies and all-around great people.

Chris Simms didn't make the cut. He's gone in a puff of smoke, so to speak.

Wide receivers? Well, let's say we won't be any worse off than last year, but the big improvement we expected from Britt so far hasn't come to pass. He looked as if he belonged on the '08 team, the way he's dropping balls. Washington and Hawkins look better, and I didn't see Gage play, so I don't know. I think he was injured.

On special teams, I think the rookie Mariani will be handling returns along with D. Williams. Keep an eye on Mariani, he's gonna be good.

Looking at the schedule, I predict the Titans to go 10-6 this year. That should be enough to get a playoff spot, but that's something I'll talk about later.

Yes, I'm ready for some football. Hope y'all have a great Labor Day.


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Moogie P said...

Here's to a Titans playoff spot!