Monday, September 27, 2010

Titan Thoughts - Week 3

Week three in the books, and the Titans are 2-1. Good deal, although there are sill some concerns that need to be addressed.

First, a short recap of the game - this weeks Giants looked like last weeks Titans. They gave the ball away on a regular basis, lacked focus and were generally in a shambles, especially in the second half, when "Tennessee Tyrants" mode went into full effect. That's where we provoke the other team by talking smack while kicking ass. Worked very well yesterday.

Our offense played much better, but there are a few things that need looking at.

One, Vince Young only threw the ball four times in the first half, with Chris Johnson doing most of the heavy lifting. This has to stop. We're gonna do an Earl Campbell on him, and he'll be done in two years.

What would I do differently? For one thing, I'd use the Titans other running back, Javon Ringer, more, especially early on. Hell, I'd go as far as using CJ as strictly a third down back for the first quarter, just to totally mess up the opponents' game plan. After we totally hijack up their plan, then start the CJ2K show. He doesn't need 4 quarters to get crazy yardage, and he sure as hell doesn't need the unnecessary pounding he's getting now. Let Ringer go in there and take the opening shots, wear them down a bit, then bring on CJ.

Another thing we need to do was what we saw in the beginning of the second half - Vince Young throwing the ball. VY's short outs, slants, and designed rollout plays were working fine. We need more of that, both to open up the run game, and to open up the long pass.

Things on defense are looking good. Michael Griffin has put last year's woeful season behind him and is back to Pro Bowl form, both as a safety, and on special teams.

Last years 2nd round draft pick, Sen'Derrick Marks is in the rotation and doing well, and our young cornerbacks, McCourty and Verner, are making plays all over.

All in all, week three has me feeling better about the Titans, but there's still some improvements that need to take place before we can think of reaching the playoffs.

Next week, we are home and playing the Denver Broncos. Should be interesting.


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Moogie P said...

Yep, the Titans looked pretty spiffy this week.

The Saints, on the other hand, finally got a big fat shot of this-is-a-new-season reality. I hope to hear some heads rolloing around at the practice facility on Airline Drive by this afternoon.