Monday, September 13, 2010

Titan Thoughts - Week 1

Before I get to talking about the Titans, I'd like to point this out. The current AFC South standings have the Texans on top, and the Colts in the cellar. Not quite the perfect scenario, but it'll do for now.

The Colts in the cellar.  LOL

Now, on to the Titans, who put a spanking on the Raiders yesterday. Count me in with those that say "Not so fast, Titans fans!". Indeed, it WAS the Raiders. Once we do that to the Giants, Cowboys and Chargers, THEN we can get all puffed up.

Still, it bodes well that many of our major disappointments (defense) seemed to be back to their 2008 form. Our rookie D lineman (Morgan) got his first sack, Griffin looked awesome, and we didn't have a cornerback getting burned on a regular basis, which was what used to happen to any cornerback not named Finnegan.

Another point on defense I'd like to make: Our late game prevent "D" allowed one touchdown, yes, but it also forced two fourth-and-outs, something they've never done before. I still cringe when we go to prevent, but this time around it wasn't so bad.

The offense looked good, not only did CJ break off a fourth 75+ yard touchdown run, but Vince did an outstanding job passing. His rating was 142.5, I believe. That phenomenal, especially for a guy who will "never be an elite NFL quarterback". Yes, it's only one game, but no one can say they expected him to do so well.

Rookies did well, Morgan got his first sack, Mariani did a great job as a returner, and Verner had a positive impact on special teams, and even checked in at WR for a little bit.


Kenny Britt. Didn't hear his name called once yesterday.

Folks who pay attention to line play said our left tackle Roos took a while to get into sync.

Finally, our sudden drop off in intensity after the third quarter was apparent to anyone watching. Yeah, it was 38-6, but still, the team who once allowed the biggest comeback in NFL history should know better.

So anyway, we face the Steelers next week, and hopefully we'll slay another dragon from last season.

And, maybe, the Colts can claw their way outta the cellar.  snicker

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