Thursday, September 9, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 1

This is week one, so these picks are based on nothing but SWAG-ing.

1 Minnesota @ New Orleans - Favre on the ground. 'Nuff said.

2. Miami @ Buffalo- Meh

3. Detroit @ Chicago - I think Detroit could go 8-8 this year.

4. Oakland @ Tennessee - CJ2K begins his quest for back-to-back 2000 yard seasons.

5. Cincinnati @ New England - No idea of the TO-Ocho experiment will work, I just hate New England.

6. Carolina @ New York Giants - My upset pick of the week.

7. Atlanta @ Pittsburgh- The Steelers could be 1-3 by the time Big Ben gets back.

8. Cleveland @ Tampa Bay - Tie 0 - 0  (just kidding Cleveland by 7)

9. Denver @ Jacksonville - Tebow will make them sorry for passing on him.

10. Indianapolis @ Houston - The combination of Super Bowl hangover and Texas' improvement will spell doom for the Colts this year. They might not even make the playoffs.

11. Arizona @ St. Louis - Poor St Louis.

12. Green Bay @ Philadelphia- I'm liking Green Bay this year. I hope Rogers breaks every record Favre ever set with that team. Except interceptions.

13. San Francisco @ Seattle- San Fran should be playing Singletary ball from now on. They should be fun to watch.

14. Dallas @ Washington - I don't see the Fore Redskins doing much this year.

15. Baltimore @ New York Jets - Can both these teams be disqualified for being insufferable assholes? No? Then Baltimore by 3.

16. San Diego @ Kansas City - Too bad this game isn't in December, where KC might have a chance.


1 comment:

Moogie P said...

1. Who Dat!! (thanks for the link!)

5. Will be interesting to watch.

6. Poor ol' Eli.

10. Poor ol' Peyton.

15. Yes. Disqualify them both.

(veriword: wedgi -- no kidding! As in "Saints gonna give Favre a nuclear wedgi!")