Monday, August 2, 2010

Knock Me Over With a Feather

You could have, after I read this:

Chris Peck: Why I'm a member of the NRA

Chris, you see, is the editor of our local puppy trainer, The Commercial Squeal, noted for its consistently anti-gun messages. He doesn't really convince me he's for gun rights. He does address the NRA's recent victories, but then he says this:

The NAACP, once as powerful and well-oiled a public-interest group as the NRA, struggled to stay relevant after the civil rights battles of the 1960s. The NAACP won the legal battles that eventually led to less-segregated schools, more access to the polls for African-Americans, and blazed a path for a new generation of young people who blithely assumed their more tolerant world was the way it has always been.

Yet these very victories, along with the bruises that came with them, set the stage for a difficult and ongoing transition for the 21st century NAACP. Some people suffered from diversity fatigue. Others simply concluded the work of the NAACP was largely done.

Could a similar struggle be ahead for the NRA?

Highly doubtful, Chris, for this one reason: the NAACP refused to change with the times. It refused to give up its original focus and kept crying "RACISM" in the face of societal change.

Also, the NRA does a lot, lot more than fight political battles. You'd know that if you knew ANYthing about the NRA.

I noticed that at no point does Chris say he's a member because he believes in the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

I have a feeling he's a member of the NRA for the same reason I get updates from the Brady Campaign - know thy enemy.

UPDATE: Shootin' buddy, for the win:

Chris, we are not stopping until you can buy handguns in vending machines at airports, gun classes are mandatory in junior high and high school, and owning an M16A2 (or whatever the line weapon of the U.S. Militree is) is mandatory.




Moogie P said...

Yep -- there are lots of members of The Mole Club out there.

Linoge said...

That flying fuckwit is a MINO - Member In Name Only. He has no respect for the Second Amendment, less respect for the right to self-defense, and an overbearing self-assurance that disarming law-abiding citizens is The Right Thing To Do (TM).

He can take his false-flag membership, print it out along with his oh-so-very important privacy-invading database, fold them up until they are all sharp corners, and shove them where the sun does not shine.