Monday, August 30, 2010

"If they're not doing anything wrong....

... then they shouldn't mind being recorded"

Why is it we get all up in arms when it's the .gov doing it to us, but when it's us doing it to the .gov, it's OK?



Mike W. said...

Is there supposed to be a link?

Crotalus said...

From what you've written here, it seems you don't support recording the gov't as well as not supporting the recording of private citizens.

If so, may I remind you that the gov't doesn't deserve privacy, because they claim power over us, and what they do, they inflict on us. We need to know what they're up to, more than they "need" to know about us.

Or am I wrong about the take on this?

Rustmeister said...

Mike - No link, just an observation.

Crotalus - I was kinda hoping to take what looked like a hypocritical situation on the surface and clear it up in comments, like you did.

I agree with you, of course. There are many ways to phrase this.

Take cops, for instance. They are our employees, in a sense, and employees have no expectation of privacy while at work. We have every right to take video of them doing their jobs.

Politicians holding town hall meetings, the same thing.