Monday, July 12, 2010

Michael Yon, Not Getting My Support

Yeah, he's ex-Special Forces, yeah, he pays his way into places of danger, but Michael Yon can do all that without my support.

You see, not only did he sign on the the Mexican gun canard, and called those of us who questioned him fanatics.

He also says many who blog about the war are Milkooks, who should be squeezed out.

Well, I really don't consider myself a "Mil blogger Kook" as I've retired and moved on the Veteran stuff, but I remember what it was like to be a soldier. I remember knowing how my back was covered, whether it was in war, or at the bar on Friday night. I also remember how we treated those who didn't have our backs.

I'll let the Major say it for me:

My "from the hip" response: Eat shit, mike yon. Eat. My. Shit.

My well reasoned and thought out response: Mikey, Milbloggers made you as popular as you are. If it weren't for sites like Blackfive and Mudville Gazette, you would be the saddest panda in Iraq right now, living hand to mouth on the mercies of people who had not (yet) had enough of your silly shit and tantrums to stop putting up with you. You may have been taking good pictures, but nobody would have noticed, were it not for us "milkooks."
Thanks to SayUncle for most of the links on this, and to Kevin, for linking the Major, who has a comment on Michael's military experience:
I have spent more time looking for a quiet place to shit than you have soldiering.
Never underestimate a nice, quiet, dump. Or a pissed off soldier.


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