Thursday, June 3, 2010

(Dumb) Quote of the Day

This from commenter bright11 in this thread:

Yes, crime can happen anywhere, anytime. But it seems to me that many people misinterpret overall crime statistics and believe that they are in danger 24/7. I choose not be be burdened with that kind of mindset.
(comment 183, emphasis mine)

Words fail me, truly they do. One thing I've noticed about commenters, especially at the Commercial Squeal - any time their user name refers to intelligence or mental acuity, they usually have very little.


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Don said...

"Yes, it's true that if the axe murderer or the monster climbs in through my window, he would shred through my sheet in no time no matter how tightly I pull it up over my head. But I choose not to be burdened with that knowledge.