Thursday, May 27, 2010

No Blogging Today

Busy in comments with the Commercial Squeal's latest anti-gun piece.

Thanks to SailorCurt for the pointer, and the comment.



theogeo said...

Just out of curiosity, how -- specifically -- is that story anti-gun?

Linoge said...

I would say that SailorCurt pretty much covered the anti-firearms stance of the article in question, but the short and simple answer is that it perpetuates the "all firearms are evil", and "firearms in the hands of civilians are evil, but firearms in the hands of police are good" memes, along with a full batch of misrepresentations ("assault weapons" - no such thing) and so forth.

In other news, those comments are absolutely hemorrhaging stupidity all over the place, are they not?

Rustmeister said...

It doesn't have to be a hit piece to be anti-gun. These types of articles are far more damaging to the cause of gun rights than any screed by the Brady Bunch.