Monday, May 17, 2010

NFL Power Rankings for 2010

Peter King posts up his take at how the NFL will stack up this year. I don't know if this was his assignment, or he just got so forkin' stoned he forgot what month it was:

1. Green Bay
2. San Diego
3. Baltimore
4. Indianapolis
5. New Orleans
6. Miami
7. New York Jets
8. Carolina
9. New York Giants
10. Dallas
11. Seattle
12. Pittsburgh


13. Minnesota
14. New England
15. Philadelphia
16. Atlanta
17. Houston
18. Denver
19. San Francisco


20. Washington
21. Jacksonville
22. Arizona
23. Cincinnati
24. Detroit
25. Chicago
26. Kansas City
27. Tennessee
28. Oakland
29. Cleveland
30. Tampa Bay
31. Buffalo
32. St. Louis

Ok, I take it back. Maybe he knew what month it was, but thought it was 2004.

I mean, seriously? The Titans in at 27 while the Panthers are up at eighth? He put them there, by the way, because of the strong three game winning streak they enjoyed after they switched quarterbacks, unlike the Titans, who went 8-2 after they switched theirs.

Nice, consistent train of thought there.

For the record, I put us in at around 12 to start the season. Many question marks on the team, but with no appreciable losses* and some key additions, we will be in the playoff hunt at the end of the year.

* - we haven't lost Bulluck yet, so I can say that.


Moogie P said...

I'm already nervous. This Champions thing is kinda fun! At least I have a lot of new Saints tee shirts to rotate.

I'm gonna be seriously ticked off if Seattle does that well.

joe said...

Yeah, well; in the interest of full disclosure, PK also noted that his track record with this positively sucks. :)

Still fun to bash the rankings, though.