Thursday, April 22, 2010

C.O. Arms Scorpion - Second Generation

First - ever pictures of the Second Generation C.O. Arms Scorpion:

Looking at the one at their website, you can see the trigger is new, there's checkering along the front of the grip. The slide stop and safety has been worked so they don't protrude as much.

Here's the owner's carry piece, an AWP with aftermarket grips. Hey, even the owner likes a little personalization, ya know.

We were at a local park when these pictures were taken. the guns were in the trunk of Tom's car, and neither of us felt like we should put them out on the hood for better lighting because we weren't sure if handgun possession was legal in that particular park.

We both thought it was, but still didn't want to chance it.

State preemption, anyone?



Caleb said...

Awesome - can I get one in .38 Super? An all steel commander sized .38 Super would be pretty rad for Single Stack.

Rustmeister said...

I couldn't nail him down on future calibers. Not for lack of trying....