Friday, April 23, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Football?

So am I, unfortunately all we have going on right now is the draft. Which is good, at least for the Titans, who drafted Derrick Morgan last night. He's the prototypical Titans Defensive End, skilled, with a strong work ethic and big time motor. He's going to fit right in.

And how about Tim Tebow going to Denver in the first round? I know some folks are happy.

Speaking of the NFL draft, here's something to read:

The NFL Draft, Decoded


Before the draft, teams spend far too much time worrying about the “character” issue, when the real question to ask is much narrower: “Can this player make it through his four- or five-year rookie contract without missing actual games due to incarceration?” Guys with drinking problems or who throw cell phones at their girlfriends’ heads or get pulled over driving 110 with loaded unregistered pistols in their glove boxes are bad bets. Guys who just stay home and smoke weed while giggling at Manswers are not.

Thus: Always draft the guy who falls in draft position due to a positive weed test. In fact, if a guy is regularly smoking buttloads of weed and he’s still kicking ass in Division I football, grab that motherfucker quick.

Teams who pass on such players almost always regret it; Randy Moss and Warren Sapp are two classic examples, and last year there was Percy Harvin, Minnesota’s fast-as-hell wideout, a steal at pick 22. But what about the NFL’s drug policy, which makes league suspension or banishment a consideration? The reality is that in the age of the Whizzinator and delightfully rare random testing, not many guys are going to make it all the way to their third (i.e., banishable) positive drug test before their rookie contract ends.

Hell, even Ricky Williams didn’t get suspended until after his fifth season, and nobody, not even Tommy Chong, likes smoking weed more than Ricky Williams.

Shamelessly stolen from Music City Miracles, the best source for Titans news on the Intarwebs.


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