Friday, March 12, 2010

No Bars in Tennessee

Found this at the state site concerning liquor by the drink:


1.A public place kept, used, maintained, advertised and held out to the public as a place where meals are served and where meals are actually and regularly served.
2. Without sleeping accommodations.
3. Supplied with adequate and sanitary kitchen and dining room equipment.
4. Seating capacity of at least seventy-five (75) at tables.
5. Employing a sufficient number and kind of employees to prepare, cook and serve suitable food.
6. Serve at least one (1) meal a day at least four (4) days a week.
7. Serving of meals shall be the principal business conducted

Only restaurants and hotels were mentioned, as there's no such thing as a "bar" in TN. Also, no mention of the mythical "51% income from food" that gets tossed around when discussing what is and isn't a bar in TN.

BTW, any alcoholic beverage under 5% ABV isn't regulated by the state, so "beer joints" fall into a different set of laws.

I do believe the law being proposed is going to address this as well.


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