Monday, March 1, 2010

Dog Training Bleg

Not training actually, it's just that my new dog climbs our fence and gets out into the neighborhood.


The fence is six foot high hogwire, our dog just puts one paw over the other and climbs out. It doesn't matter if we're home or not, she just wants to get out and explore. She's medium sized.
Like my girls says, she's smart, in a bad way.

So, what are my options, other than spending three hundred bucks on Invisible Fence?

The options I'm looking at:

- 50' dog run wire

- chicken wire around the upper half of the fence

- something else around the top like wood, plexiglass, etc.

I don't want to do the run, as we border on some woods and don't want my dog restrained to either fight or flee whatever critters she might encounter.

Chicken wire scares me, I'm afraid she might get stuck.

So, what other options are out there?



Justin Buist said...

Run an electric fence, single strand, around the top of the existing fence.

She'll try climbing out maybe twice after that's in place.

Dino Dogan said...

I think we would all love to see video of that....

Whats happening is that the dog has a very strong drive to roam....walk the dog..better yet, run with the dog, better still, get on a bicycle ...2 hrs every day, I bet you dog stops jumping over the fence.

thats where I would start...good luck

Moogie P said...

The electric fence that my husband jerry-rigged worked for awhile on our beagle (until we cut the buried wire and she realized there was no longer a warning beep).

Just be sure to get the range of the "juice" set correctly -- my husband accidentally turned it up too high once and the only place in the house where there wasn't a warning beep was under the dining room table. We wondered why she stayed in there all day!

And, unfortunately, lots of exercise.

Dino Dogan said...

Why "unfortunately" Moogie? Walking together is an ancient activity humans and dogs have been sharing for a millennia...for some its the only reason they get out the house get out the house folks :-)

Squeaky Wheel said...

I'll go one further - she's not getting out simply because she's not getting enough exercise. She's leaving because she's bored.

The fix is similar, though - spend more time out there with her. Take her on longer walks so she can explore the area and know what's there.

Depending on how big the "holes" in the fence are, you can criss-cross baling wire through them to make them too small for her to get her paws into - the downside to this is that she might injure herself trying, and if she's THAT stubborn, she'd probably cripple herself on the first go. On second thought, that's probably not a good idea.

I'd put the invisible fence wire on the top of the existing fence. She may still climb, but the shock will knock her back into your yard. It would take too long for her to adjust to that efficiently, because it's not like dogs are built to vault while they're in climbing position.