Thursday, March 25, 2010

Computer Virus Alert

Very timely, as I've been wrestling with the bill104 virus for the last two days. Via email:

Each year, the first week of April (coinciding with “April Fool’s Day”) brings an increase in spyware and malware infections. It’s become something of an annual tradition that causes havoc for computer users, lost productivity, and overall inconvenience. Not to mention potentially costing thousands of dollars in repairs.

We’re working hard to prepare for this onslaught and we’re up for the challenge. It makes sense, however, to remind computer users to be extra vigilant during this period of increased spyware activity:

Don’t open emails, files or attachments from people you don’t know.

Be extra cautious opening emails, files or attachments from people you do know.

Don’t be fooled by “scareware” tactics. Know what software you are using, and familiarize yourself with how it delivers warnings and alerts.

If you’re considering giving your social networking activities a break, now might be a good time. No one will miss you if you take a week off.

Stay away from websites that you haven’t visited before. Think before you click!

Run multiple layers of security software. There are many free and effective solutions that will co-exist well with each other. Remember, a single solution may not be enough, especially during this period of increased spyware activity.

We’re here and happy to help if you need anything. Our management team is happy to answer any questions you may have or address issues or concerns raised by your audience. If we can help, just let me know!

Stay safe online, and thanks again,


Mike Duncan
Director of Business Development
Get and use whatever free stuff is out there.

Most importantly, keep it updated. The virus I have has been fixed for the most part, but it made some changes that cause any connection to update antivirus to fail. I can't even search for "bill104" successfully on the infected computer. Clever bastards, aren't they?


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Moogie P said...

I got an email today from "GMail" telling me that my account would be canceled if I didn't verify it with my password, etc.

It wasn't from Nigeria, but . . . .

Thanks for the timely reminder about April Fool's Day, though.