Monday, February 22, 2010

Red Light Cameras in Millington, TN

The good news? The Mayor say we need only two:

Despite being a vocal supporter of red-light cameras, Millington mayor Richard
Hodges says he will not support a plan that would put cameras at more than two intersections.
A couple of things:
1. Two - like the number of terms you're not going to serve after backing this money-grab?

2. I'm going to become a vocal supporter - of your opponent when election time comes around.

I can't see red light cameras doing any good for the city - or for the politicians supporting them.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, been going round and round with my county commission over these. They are not worth it and violate privacy.

So, as you are doing - support the fella who is against them. Perhaps have beeter luck with that boob.

Kate said...

Seems from what I've read, the money brought in from these big brother eyes benefit the company rather than the city and counties where they are located.