Friday, January 8, 2010

Then End of an Era

Before Ultima Online, Everquest, Planetside, Asheron's Call, and World of Warcraft and all the others, there was Meridian59:

As of last Wednesday, the company that had been running M59 for the last few years closed the doors on this, the very first MMORPG.

I managed to get into this during beta, back in 1996, and played/tested it till Everquest went into beta. Then I, like a whole lot of people, jumped ship.

I did return for a while, after NDS revived the game, but life, being what it is, put a permanent halt to my online gaming a few years back.

Lord knows what online gaming will be by the time I retire, which is probably the next time I'll be able to waste spend that kind of time online.

Good times, though. I'll never forget it.



Arthur said...

Heh, Shadow_of_Yserbius and $500 phone bills. Good times :P

Hitman the Red said...

The end of one era can be the beginning of a new one =D The original creators of the game are not only keeping it alive but breathing new life into it! Come and see!