Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama = MLK

This mornings "news" stories were interesting, to say the least. One time, I heard that "many people think President Obama shouldn't be getting the Nobel Peace Prize".

Of course, the media being what it is, it was because his country is at war, not because he hasn't done a thing to earn it.

Then I hear him being compared to Martin Luther King, Jr.

The thing is, Dr. King had done plenty by the time he was given the Prize. Here's a quick rundown:

Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955)
Co-Founded the SCLC (1957)
The Albany Movement (1961)
Birmingham Campaign (1963)
March on Washington (1963)


Nobel Peace Prize (1964)

I'd say he'd done plenty to merit the award.

Also, via Instapundit, I see the President himself invokes Dr. Kings name:

"when you look at the wall -- Michelle and I were commenting on the fact that when Dr. King won his price it had a galvanizing effect around the world, but also lifted his stature in the United States in a way that allowed him to be more effective. And that's a legacy of the Nobel Committee that we're very grateful for."
The urge to snark is almost overwhelming, but I'll refrain for now.

The hell I will. Let me translate:

"Thanks for the award, guys - you like me, you really like me!"


Moogie P said...

And now maybe more people will really, really like me!

When they're not giggling at me behind my back.

tjbbpgobIII said...

And everywhere MLK went, violence followed close behind, everywhere.

london said...

Its my pleasure ...and i really like you.

Rustmeister said...

You're right, tj, but I'll go on to say it was initiated by both sides of the segregation debate.

I grew up in the 60's and 70's. I've seen black people refused service and told to go order at the walk-up window of a diner in Holly Springs, MS. I've driven past Klan headquarters in the same county.

I witnessed a huge Klan rally held in Corinth, MS in the late 70's.

I watched as my dad was called to duty as a reserve policeman in Memphis in the early 70's for the annual riots that took place around the anniversary of Dr. Kings assassination.

Violence was the norm in this struggle.

All the more reason for Dr. King to have earned his Prize.