Thursday, November 12, 2009

No Titans for Me

I was nice last Sunday, I really was. Sent an email to WREG's GM, called the station and was generally courteous about them not carrying the Titans game in Memphis.

The girl who answered the phone said she thought it was CBS's call as to what game was aired, so I used their feedback form to ask why there was no local team on TV.

No answer.

Today I once again find out that the Titans game won't be broadcast in Memphis this Sunday.

This is complete bullshit. Why on earth would anyone in Memphis want to watch the Bengals play? Geez.



Anonymous said...

You can't get your "local" team and we can't escape ours.

And it's not even "local" in any realistic sense.

We get three games on Sunday afternoon. One of those three is ALWAYS the Redskins.

We only get a reprieve during their bye weeks or if they're playing a prime time game that week.

Granted, the Redskins are (barely) the closest NFL team to us, but they're hardly "local"...heck, they aren't even in our state.

Rustmeister said...

Redskins? Ouch. They haven't been worth watching since Riggins was running for them.

Brandon said...

I sent an email to WREG, too. No response. I know the networks determine who gets what, but they'll listen to the local affiliate when that affiliate starts to lose viewers. I'll be watching New Orleans this Sunday, even though I hate the Fox broadcasts.

Moogie P said...

We're kinda helped out in New Orleans when the regional broadcasts diss us because the Saints owner also owns the local FOX affiliate! I just turn off the sound and play the radio's local broadcast.

Good luck! My kids usually have to go to a sports bar to catch the Saints because the Cowboys games are always the regional broadcast and Jerry Jones hasn't lived in Arkansas since the 80s!

Moogie P said...

Oh, it might help to know that my kids live in Arkansas. Oops.