Monday, November 9, 2009

Laraine Perri

So, here's a girl who doesn't think kids should dress in any sort of camouflage pattern.

Maybe it's me, but I would no sooner dress my essence-of-­innocence son as a soldier than I would dress my daughter, if I had one, as a hooker
To be fair, Ms Perri did qualify her statement:

Not to equate heroic work with sleazy endeavors
But that's exactly what you did.

Not satisfied with comparing soldiers to hookers, Ms Perri also makes sure to deride that great menace, patriotism (emphasis mine) :
Camouflage suggests everything from "military," "war," and "combat" to "hide" and "hunt" and the implications therein. It may also suggest "patriotism," though patriotism of a less menacing sort could be achieved by dressing kids in stars and stripes.
Where do people like this come from?

Thanks to SayUncle for the tip.


Heli gunner Tom said...

Perhaps I am biased or "Old School" but I have a problem with civilians mimicking combat soldier's uniforms. There is too many who would disgrace those honored 'colors' IMHO, if I understood this post correctly.

Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70

Rustmeister said...

She didn't say, but I imagine it was Wal-Mart hunter's camo.

tadchem said...

People who have never worn a uniform can never see past the uniform. "Camo" is just a fashion statement. If Laraine Perri can't look at camo without dumping her own biases about soldiers, war, uniforms, hunters, etc. on the innocent kids whose mothers put it on them, then she should examine her own bigotry.