Wednesday, October 28, 2009

They Say it Better

Much better than I do.

First, Linoge, on the ongoing Great Open Carry Debate:

I am apparently a little late to this party, and much of what I have to say is probably a rehash, but here we go anywise.

…because you don’t convey context.

Yes, I do indeed convey context

He goes on, of course, to explain.

I couldn't get beyond "I have a decent holster" before losing my words completely. But, a decent holster tends to add some credibility to open carry. If you're carrying a gun openly, and not jammed down your pants, folks are far more likely to think you know what you're doing.

That's key to successful open carry - look like you know what you're doing. Looking like you belong in a functioning society helps, too.

Next, here's Kevin on Activism (emphasis mine):
It's OK for me to enter your establishment disarmed, drink, and then go climb into my 3,000lb pickup truck and drive? I'm to be trusted to operate a motor vehicle safely after drinking, but I'm not to be trusted to carry a firearm and not drink?



Bob S. said...


Any gun control advocate will tell you, trust me on this, that a comparison between cars and firearms is not valid.

It's not valid in their opinion,...well, they just don't like the comparisons so they aren't valid.

I also find the argument about "not knowing the man with the gun" to be a little weak.

We don't know the people next to us in 3,000 pound cars, we don't know the people cooking our food at the restaurant, we don't know the people producing our medicine or carrying any number of explosive or poisonous chemicals on the road.

Yet with all these people we don't know; we don't go screaming for the cops each time, amazing.

Linoge said...

Spaceba, tovarisch.

I forgot to mention the holster myself, but it is a valid point as well - I read somewhere that that is something police departments often teach to their officers.

Cargosquid said...

Then there's places like Virginia that DEMAND open carry if you enter a restaurant that serves alcohol.
Unless you're a state lawyer. Then, its ok to carry concealed....