Thursday, October 22, 2009


We have stats! In comments to this post, Ace provides a link to the FBI stats on officers shot in the line of duty over the last ten years. Here's what it boils down to:

Officers killed - 992 530
Officers killed with their own weapon - 44

That's 4 8%, folks. Looks like Bob Taylor's only off by 71 67%.

Stats fixed, thanks to Curt's eagle sharp eyes. ;-)



Ace said...

Still trying to find the 95% stat for gun owners killed with their own gun. I'm thinking it might be related to that Kellerman study about gun ownership and fatalities associated with it.

Anonymous said...

You're point is valid, but your math is wrong.

According to the table linked, over the ten year period covered, there were a total of 530 officers feloniously killed, not 992.

You seem to have added the overall total at the top (530) with the bottom two subcategory totals below (457 and 5).

You should have just used the top total.

Using the correct number of 530 incidents, and 44 killed with their own weapons, the correct percentage is 8.3%

Again, your point is still valid, but we don't want to put out misleading information.

Anonymous said...

I doubt you'll be able to come up with any reliable numbers for non-LEO's.

It's pretty easy with LEO's because their guns are all registered and/or owned by the department.

With no registration requirements for citizens, who owned the gun that was used isn't always as straightforward.

This is especially true when you consider that the vast majority of murders in this country are perpetrated by criminals against other criminals and the guns used didn't legally belong to EITHER party.

That "95%" statistic they used can be dismissed as hogwash on its face because that is simply un-knowable...besides being highly unlikely.

DirtCrashr said...

Crushing! Bob Taylor = LeBron James. :-)