Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh. Hell. Yes!

Zombie hunt at the end of this month!

Should I go see Zombieland first, just to get in the mood?

Via SayUncle.



Bob S. said...

Yes, see Zombieland first if you haven't already.

Took my youngest son and his friend to see it this weekend. It's a hoot.

USCitizen said...

I recommend the movie.

Like Bob said, "It's a hoot."

Moogie P said...

"A ticket entitles you to a zombie dinner" -- I'm guessing, what? Brains?

Anonymous said...

Damn! And I live too far out west.

Sounds like TOO much fun. ENjoy. Halloween comes only once each year.

B Woodman

elliot said...

As if I didn't already know I live in the wrong state. Sigh.

Dixie said...

Zombieland is to zombie shoots what Aliens is to gun maintenance: the perfect companion.

So, yes, go see it.