Friday, October 30, 2009

Health Care Plan

Our President tells us this new health care plan won't drive up the national deficit (yeah, right) .

What he doesn't say is it will drive up state deficits (emphasis mine):

"We will have not given any raises to state employees for five years. We will have a pension system that is battered," said Bredesen. "Our reserves are going to be substantially depleted, and we will not have undertaken any new initiatives."

Those are exactly the reasons why he said the state can't afford to pay $750 million more in the name of national healthcare reform.

"I'm glad they are trying to do it without increasing the federal deficit, but if you turn around and increase the state deficits as a way of handling it, that does not seem like an appropriate way of handling it," said Bredesen
I sure hate it for state employees. I hear the VA is hiring....


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