Thursday, September 10, 2009

Titan Thoughts

Here we are, first game of the season, playing the reigning champs on the season opener. so, what are folks saying about us and them?

The big story on us is how we lost Albert Haynesworth. Folks say our defense won't be as good as last year. I say, tell that to the ten-man rotation we have going on this year. Yes, we'll miss Albert "I'm playing in a contract year" Haynesworth, but not as much as people think.

The knock on the Steelers? Big Ben's legal woes. I don't know him well enough to say if that will be a distraction. A couple of years ago, maybe. Now, I'm not so sure.

I have revamped my score prediction, however. This being the first game of the season and all, I think the score will be higher than I first predicted.

Rusty's revamped prediction:

Titans 24 - Steelers 17

And, Greg, if I win, I'd prefer a Stone 090909, if you please.



West, By God said...

Although I'd prefer a bottle of St. Sixtus Westvleteren 12, I'd be ok with a bottle of Avery's The Reverend.

I hope you don't get too put off when the Titans can't manage to get into the endzone. Have you SEEN the Steelers defense?

West, By God said...

dang, what a nailbiter!

Rustmeister said...

Yeah, it was a good one.

Looks like our Special Teams needs work.