Thursday, September 17, 2009

Here's Your Card

I finally handed out one of these cards yesterday.

Why'd it take so long? Well, I'm not a Crusader, really. I'm not gonna go out of my way to get to places that don't allow guns to be lawfully carried. If I happen to be around one I have patronized in the past, I'll drop a card, but I'm not driving to Memphis just to hand one out.

Truth be told, most of the places I usually go to (when I go) allow carry. All the places in Millington/Munford/Atoka do, as far as I know.

Huey's in downtown Memphis does. That's about the only place I go when down there (Steelers memorabilia notwithstanding). Beale Street? Puh-leeze.

Anyway, I was out by the Hooters at Wolfchase yesterday, and spotted the sign on the door.

I went in, asked for the Manager, and told his sign prevented me from patronizing his place in the future.

He was very courteous and apologized back to me for the inconvenience the sign caused.

I wasn't there for a debate, so I thanked him and left.

The next time I'm in Midtown, I'll have to go to Bosco's and do the same.



Anonymous said...

... apologized back to me for the inconvenience the sign caused.

You are a better man than I... My flippant response would have been something along the lines of, "Oh, it is no inconvenience for me not to spend my money at your establishment..."

Anonymous said...

I need to get some of those one day.