Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finally Found a Sports Writer I Like

Sports writers are about the most pack-oriented group in media - just ask the New England Patriots or Brett Favre, both of which had their best years two/three seasons ago.

According to the writers, they are still numero uno, facts notwithstanding.

Well, not this guy. He calls it as he sees it, pack be damned*. I especially agree with him on his views of the Raiders, and this:

• Ochocinco is good for the NFL. There's no way -- no way! -- I'd jump into the Lambeau stands, but Chad Ochocinco is good for this game. Chad's antics don't come from anger. He's all in good fun. He's all about entertainment.
I agree 100%. (emphasis mine) There's nothing wrong with having fun while playing a game, even if you're vastly overpaid to do it.

* It helps that he's backing Eddie George for the Hall of Fame and (rightly) thinks the Titans will turn things around.


SpeakerTweaker said...

I'm glad someone else finally agrees. Everyone I've engaged the subject on starts wagging that condescending little finger Chad's way and starts throwing around the word "unsportsmanlike."

The guy has a sense of humor. Not an ego. Let him have some fun.


Rustmeister said...

Yeah, T.O. (or that guy from the Broncos) he's not.