Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thoughts on Beale Street Banning Guns

As we come up on the one month anniversary of the Wild West Blood in the Streets Guns in Places that Serve Alcohol Law being enacted, I wonder how Beale Street is doing.

I wonder how their patrons feel, standing in long lines, being treated like a criminal as they wait their turn to be checked for firearms.

I wonder how those same patrons feel, if the thought occurs to them, that these "security" measures only came about after it was the law-abiding who were allowed to carry firearms on Beale. I guess the powers that be didn't mind when it was only the criminals who went armed.

I wonder, when I read statements like this:

"There's a lot less traffic on Beale Street ... which made it a lot more enjoyable"
- if the club owners understand that less traffic = less revenue.

People are going to stop going to Beale Street if they are forced to wait in long lines just to get in, especially when they find out they are no safer for doing so.



Anonymous said...

Huh, how interesting, law-abiding not okay, criminals okay.

Kind does make you wonder what they heck these morons are thinking, better can they think, or just have emotional responses.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Rusty, I doubt the proprietors are thinking that far ahead.

Sure, they are all content in their moral superiority of looking like they are combating the supposed evil of firearms, but something tells me that standing on their principles will only last as long as their bottom lines do...

Rustmeister said...

And when the signs (quietly) come down, I'll bust their collective asses. =)