Thursday, August 27, 2009

NFL Players and Guns

Looks like the NFL Players Association wants to go all Brady on their players:

Said [David] Cornwell, "There have been enough incidents involving handguns and NFL players to know that we have a problem. Plax's situation highlights two of the major causes of the problem -- gun registration and gun safety. Forget about political correctness; solve the problem."
I agree, David. Gun registration is a problem. Oh, that's not what you meant:
As to registration, Cornwell suggests selecting a specific day each year where the team affirmatively helps every player with an unregistered firearm to get the thing properly licensed and/or to obtain a carry permit.

I hate to break it to you David, but the vast majority of your players aren't required to register/license their firearms. It's only the New York and California teams you have to worry about. And Da Bears.

I wonder if David wants to create their own registry within the NFL? That would be interesting.

On the other hand, I don't have a problem with this other suggestion:

Cornwell urges teams to make gun safety classes available, and to constantly remind players of basic realities of owning a gun: (1) always point your gun in a safe direction; (2) always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot; and (3) always keep the gun unloaded until you are ready to use it.

Of course, he got the Four Rules all screwed up, seeing as he only named two and made another one up, but training is a great idea. It should be required for all players to take firearms safety training.

Might get more of them into the shooting sports.

Thanks to Conservative Scalawag for the pointer.



Anonymous said...

Actually, those are the NRA's three basic rules.

They didn't screw them up, they just didn't use the "Cooper Rules" that most gunnies prefer.

I'd say the NFL's got a leg up by at least repeating the NRA rules rather than just insisting that NFL players turn their guns in at the next "buy back". And they may even be coordinating with the NRA to get players some safety training.

As an NRA Basic Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun instructor, I'll volunteer my services...for some VIP tickets to an NFL game to be named later.

Anonymous said...

I left the previous comment before reading the that I've read it, I'm even more supportive of it.

Granted, they did talk about registration, but the impression I got was not that he was advocating a registration, but encouraging teams to help players ensure they are following the law...including registration where it's required.

He even, rather than encouraging them to get rid of the guns, encouraged them to get concealed handgun permits and to use holsters rather than "gangsta carry" like Plax was doing.

I don't have a problem at all with the NFL encouraging their players to fulfill the requirements of the law, get some safety training and exercise some common sense when carrying. I'd say that piece was a breath of fresh air compared to the typical, knee-jerk "ban them" reactions I've come to expect from large organizations.

Moogie P said...

I kinda held my breath through this -- then, there was no call for a ban!

Such a refreshing breeze!!

_My verification word is "concur!")

tjbbpgobIII said...

Rule #1:

Rivrdog said...

TjbbpgobIII, you're right on with the physics, but you ignored the culture: what kind of a rube goes to a night club in sweats, anyway?

After he gets out of prison, Plax might want to consult a fashion adviser...