Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another Author/Blogger Has a Book Out

Milwaukee blogger Elliot Stearns Michael James Caughill has published a book titled The Abortionist:

The most-disturbing serial killer since Jeffery Dahmer is operating in downtown Milwaukee. Black plastic garbage bags bursting with the dismembered bodies of mothers, grandmothers, and unmarried women are being discarded in the city's back alleys. The victims all seem unrelated and the police are at a loss.

Crime columnist and blogger Elliot Stearns was a homicide detective until a gunman's bullet put him in a wheelchair. The shooting cost him his legs, his fiancée, and his sense of purpose. Now, a year later, his best friend and ex-partner, Jack Hartman, needs his help to discover who is abducting, torturing, and killing innocent women.
Sounds interesting.

There's a review over at Boots and Sabres, as well.



elliot said...

Shamed you into it!

Rustmeister said...


I plan on picking it up, once I get back into reading mode.

It goes in cycles with me.