Monday, July 27, 2009

President Obama = Duran Duran

Duran Duran the pop group, not the science fiction character, of course.

Why do I say this? Could it be they both have great style, but no substance? Could it be they are both pretty boys who managed to parlay their looks into success?

Yeah, it could, but I'm not.

This post reminded me of a thought (I get those from time to time) I had when the First Family went shopping in France: President Obama is using the Duran Duran method.

What is the Duran Duran method? It's where you take your fleeting moment of fame and use it to get to all those exotic destinations you'd never have visited otherwise.

Duran Duran's music may have been shallow, but their videos rocked. I always tipped my hat to them for doing that.

And so, I also tip my hat to the President and his family - European shopping vacations, weekly golfing trips. (he should try St. Andrews next week, he only has three years left, after all)

Good on ya!



Moogie P said...

Good catch! I think you've nailed it!

Rustmeister said...


thank ya.