Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Interesting Email From General Motors Company

Yes, "Company", not "Corporation":

Dear (Rustmeister),

Today we are pleased to announce there is a new GM. Please take note that General Motors Corporation, Saturn LLC, and Saturn Distribution Corporation sold a substantial amount of their assets to a new legal entity, General Motors Company ("GM" or "New GM"). This email is being sent by New GM on behalf of both General Motors Corporation and New GM.
So, is this "New GM" our so-called "Government Motors", or is it a way around it?

I just hope Saturn returns to being Saturn again, instead of "Pontiac Lite". My first one ('92 SL2) had over 180,000 hard miles on it before I had to give it up.



DirtCrashr said...

Newgieum? (sic.Noogie'em) Is it an element?

Rustmeister said...

I think that's what the new Saturns will be making their fenders out of.