Friday, July 10, 2009

The End of Music?

Katherine Coble talks about ASCAP going after bloggers:

I read yesterday on Twitter that ASCAP is thinking about going after bloggers who embed videos in their posts. So guess what I’m gonna stop doing? Yep.

I know that’s not really feel-goody of me. But I guess since I wasn’t a regular with the “post a video of a happy song on Friday” thing that I won’t be missed. But I did want to let other bloggers know that there might be a danger in the continued practice.
The music industry, like so many in the Legacy Media, is getting desperate.

I like what Aunt B said:
I honestly don’t understand how setting yourself up as the enemy of people who love your art form helps you preserve and promote that art form.

I hear they might retain Lars Ulrich as an advisor.


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Moogie P said...

THanks for the tip. While I don't have a singalong day, a few of my blog buddies do. I'll spread the word.