Sunday, June 21, 2009

Modern Whig Party

This came up Saturday at the Memphis area blogger meetup, and I said I'd post on it:


Established in 1833, the Whigs are one of America's oldest mainstream political parties. We were the original party of Abraham Lincoln and four other U.S. Presidents.

Revived by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the grassroots movement has quickly attracted tens of thousands of members. We represent moderate voters from all walks of life who cherry-pick between traditional Democratic and Republican ideals in what has been called the Modern Whig Philosophy.

This includes general principles of fiscal responsibility, strong national defense and bold social progression.

See their website here. Also, it looks like they are doing something tonight:

21 JUN 2009
Plan of action

Founded by Iraq/Afghanistan veterans, the Modern Whig movement has gained traction with tens of thousands of mainstream voters who value common sense, rational solutions ahead of unproductive bickering and ideology. Our strategy has been to be savvy while maintaining our very realistic view of what we are trying to accomplish. Tonight at 8 ET/7CT, we will outline a detailed plan to include talking points, candidate assistance, and commitment to continuing on a mainstream, non-fringe approach that caters to disenchanted Republicans and moderate Democrats. To participate in this one-hour online Father's Day meeting, please RSVP here.
These folks bear watching, in a good way.



Anonymous said...

Interesting,very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

After thought here.

Have you notice how many third parties have been created as of late.

With the liberal going more to the left,and the Republican not far behind, many are looking else where to vote.

Frankly,I think this is a good thing. Keeps the political system lively.

Moogie P said...

What do you suppose "bold social progression" means?

The Whigs of Lincoln's days were strong centralized government advocates who pretty much threw indivual liberties under the stagecoach.

Approach with caution.