Friday, June 26, 2009

Knives Infinity

Looks like Squeaky's having a bit of an issue with them.

She talked about this at the meet up last week, and I have to compliment her on her ability to keep calm. From what she said then, there are one of two scenarios playing out here.

1. New to business, the company didn't use tracking or insurance when shipping the knife.

2. She's been snookered.

They contacted me a while back, offering me the same deal. While I wasn't in need of a new knife, I did put their link of the sidebar. I may pull it down, we'll see how it goes.


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DirtCrashr said...

Hmmm. Same contact-story and I added a link too - mostly just for for courtesy. I wouldn't and don't rely on anybody ever clicking through my blog to anything and making me %$0.005% or whatever ridiculousness, it's too fraught with error and built of FAIL - just not a trustworthy business model IMO. But, me BIG skeptical.
The guy also did come across as a bit insistent (needy?) about just *how* to link with keywords, while not understanding that Blogger didn't work that way.
I almost erased him because I'm 50 too and don't need no backtalking teenage-30-somethinger weenie giving me any shit - but I didn't. Yet.