Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Incradescent Bubs

Vi email , I see that Mister President is wanting to ban incradescent bubs incandescent light bulbs.

I thought they had already done that a couple years ago. Guess not.

Here's the deal - at the Alehouse, we have CFL's in all places that have lights on for a long period of time. They burn less energy and save me money. I like that.

However, in places where the lights go on and off relatively quickly, like the bathroom, garage door opener, closets, etc, we have regular bulbs, as the CFLs have a drastically shorter lifespan when turned on and off frequently. They also shouldn't be used with dimmers, or used outdoors.

The priorities of this administration amazes me sometimes.

Conservative Scalawag has more.

As for the title, it's a long story.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link,and picked up two case of light bulbs today,for I will not have those damn compact florescent bulbs in my house.