Thursday, June 18, 2009

Humidor Review

Amazon isn't the only place where ridiculous items get a fisk/review. Behold the Davidoff Pyramid Humidor:

FSS Price: $2,921.99
Retail Price: $3,075.00
Of course, the point of this post are the reviews:

I saw this on Famous, and thought to myself "Well Self; you've already lost $125k in equity on your home. "What's one more poor purchase decision gonna hurt?" "And besides, you'll just take it out of you're dead grandfather's social security checks you forge every month anyways." So if any of you fellow cigar smokers are in my position, I say "GO FOR IT!" :)

Then, there's this:

NOTE: If you purchase this humidor, ALL items in your order will ship UPS Ground for a flat $24.99 S&H charge. Free shipping is NOT available when purchasing a humidor.

I think I might have me a couple single malts tonight and see what I can come up with....


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