Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend Cigar Blogging

I've been scouring the city, checking the cigar shops, and have run across some interesting offerings.

I've also found that the Tinder Box stores are considerably higher than the Memphis Tobacco Bowl, which is downtown. That place is nice, lets you smoke there and has a good selection. To the Tinder Box's credit, they had a much wider selection, especially at the store down where the rich folks live. But two buck more per cigar? No thanks.

Saturday - CAO Maduro - This was one of the best smokes I've had. At first I thought it was CAO's "basic" offering, but I've found it called "L'Anniversaire", so I assume it's an anniversary thing. The second half of this smoke was delicious, on par with anything I've tried so far.

Sunday - Rocky Patel Spring Collection 2009 - This was another winner. A lot of different things going on. My palette isn't developed enough to describe it all, but I liked it.

Tuesday - CAO Brazilia - Yet another winner, this one I would put right between the two above, with the Maduro being first and the Spring being third. This is a maduro as well, a bit stronger than Saturday's smoke, complex, but didn't come on quite as well at the end.

Thursday - Rocky Patel Decade - It has notes mostly of cedar and maybe some nuttiness to it. It was a pleasant enough smoke, but just not my style.


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Anonymous said...

I wish we had nice smoke shops around here. We have a Indian casino few miles away that sell really nice stuff for cheap, but they only have few stuff at a time, and you got to buy the whole box. Can't try one stick at a time. The Memphis Tobacco Bowl looks real nice wish we had one like it here!