Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Poll! Again!

The Commercial Appeal has yet another gun poll up, along with the story on park carry and a plethora of PSH in comments here.

At least it's Richard Locker doing the reporting, so the PSH is limited to the comments section.



Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

Those really are some PSH comments...lol...

Linoge said...

To be fair, Locker's bias and bigotry appear to be kind of on-again-off-again... Sometimes he pulls the Commercial Appeal's party line like he is the only one on it, and sometimes he just reports the news. Dunno.

That said, yeah, CarterHaug, as usual, never fails to disappoint when it comes to full-blown PSH.

Rustmeister said...

That's true, Linoge, he's been pretty objective lately.

If he strays, we'll be there to bust them chops, you bet.