Monday, April 27, 2009

Memphis Commercial Appeal - as Anti-Gun as They Wanna Be

I mean, I haven't even started reading it, and they already are spinning their nonsense:

Local parks safe for now: With any luck, the debate will continue over the details of the legislation until time runs out.
Local parks safe? I beg to differ.

At least they got one sentence correct, kinda:
Consider the latest development in efforts to get more guns into local parks, where they're now banned.
Let me edit that for clarity: "Consider the latest development in efforts to allow law-abiding people carry their guns in parks, where now only criminals do."

See? Better.

I mean, they way you wrote it clearly demonstrates the fact that you already know there are guns in parks, you just don't clarify which members of society are carrying them.

I realize this is an editorial, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised to read stuff like this:
Of course, the advice of police, sheriffs and prosecutors throughout Tennessee has been ignored by lawmakers who have been busy trying to increase the proliferation of firearms. Law enforcement authorities have consistently advised against the raft of bills that have marked 2009 as the Year of the Gun in the Tennessee General Assembly.
But you'd think that someone with the education necessary to write for the Commercial Appeal (quit laughing!) would know that our politicians are supposed to do what the people say, not a select few in places of power.

While the CA's anti-gun agenda is well known, it's still funny to see them so open about it.


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