Friday, April 17, 2009

Maybe DHS is Right

I did spot a group of guys at the Memphis Tea Party that looked kinda suspicious.

  • They were wearing uniforms.
  • They study and discuss the US Constitution.
  • They know all about the American flag.
  • They have engaged in marksmanship training.
  • They learn and practice survival skills.
Take a look at the picture below the fold, then you tell me. Was I looking at a group of potential terrorists?

Yep, this group looks like trouble.


Bob S. said...

I'm not active in that subversive group but I'm still carried on the membership roster to support them.

Guess I'm more of a rightwing extremist then I ever realized.


Bram said...

The Commies in "Red Dawn" were particularly worried about this para-military organization.

jpr9954 said...

Oh, no! I'm in real trouble with Napolitano's minions now. I was a part of this very same organization and even participated in a secret society within it on my way to this organization's highest award.

Still, I made my mom proud when I earned my Eagle and was inducted into the Order of the Arrow.

Bob S. said...


Darn I forgot that I've been a member of that secret organization within an organization also. Thanks for the reminder. OA not Eagle, congrats on earning yours.

Want to keep an accurate count of how many ways I qualify.

Going to have to start writing them down...keeping the list in my head is getting confusing.