Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh. Hell. No.

Herm Edwards says (ex-Cowboy) TO should go to the Titans.

I'm not gonna question Herm's possible consumption of controlled substances judgement on this, I'm just gonna say put down the pipe I think it's highly unlikely we'll let TO anywhere near VY see TO in Titans blue this season.



Brandon said...

I don't see it happening, and here's a good explanation. Terrell Owens is a poison pill, and we've had enough of that for a few seasons, thanks to a sack-of-crap corner whose name I shall not utter.

Rustmeister said...

Yeah, I know of whom you speak. At least TO just OD's instead of getitng busted by the cops.

Rustmeister said...

The thing is, whenever I think of a QB that was hurt by his teammates, I think of the rookie year of Daunte Culpepper. All season long, he had Cris Carter and Randy Moss in his ears, yammering away constantly. Not the offensive coordinator or other QB, just those two.

Culpepper never had a chance.

TO would have the same effect on VY, having him take a receiver's point of view instead of a quarterbacks.

Vince don't need that.

Brandon said...

I agree. TO would be the final nail in the coffin of VY's career. The Titans don't need that kind of locker-room drama; VY has enough issues all on his own.