Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nothing Good Ever Comes From a Gun-Fearing Wussy

According to Gary Stein, Nothing good ever comes from a gun.

I, of course, beg to differ.

There's a very simple reason I hate guns.

For every one story I ever see or hear about somebody actually defending themselves with a gun - to be honest, I can't remember the last time that happened -- I hear several dozen about some whack job going nuts with a gun, or somebody terrorizing his family or girl friend with a gun, or somebody who's gun accidently[sic] goes off in the house and causes a horrible tragedy.
Ok, first off, you're declaring your hatred for an inanimate object. Not a good start. Hatred is usually a byproduct of fear, by the way. From there, you say "I can't remember the last time it happened". I can believe that, because those kinds of things rarely get reported by the legacy media.

If you were to go to this blog, you'd see six entries for the same day you published your article. Each entry relates a story of civilian self-defense. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of similar entries there.

Yeah, I know, all the stories about gun violence are just a huge conspiracy from the liberal, gun-hating media. Please.
Hmmm. I don't see a lot of people saying that. Stories of gun violence is a direct result of the media axiom "If it bleeds, it leads". They use those stories to sell papers, get ratings, etc.

Actually, the "liberal, gun hating media" is more responsible for stories like yours. They are also responsible for the suppression of stories where average people successfully defend themselves with a firearm.

Guns, you see, serve just one purpose. To kill.
No, their purpose is to hurl a projectile. Like it or not, millions of the rounds of ammunition expended every year do nothing more than make a hole in paper. Can they kill? Absolutely. So can an arrow, spear, or rock, if it has enough force behind it. It's more about the person in control of the weapon than the weapon itself. Personal responsibility and all that.

They are a tragedy or a murder waiting to happen.
Or a tragedy, assault, rape, robbery, burglary, or murder waiting to be foiled. Depends on if the glass is half full or half empty, I guess.

Nobody needs a gun for self-defense, because nobody ever uses a gun for self-defense.
At this point, I usually just say "See blog referenced above", but this time I have to say, your head-in-the-sand outlook is amazing! Do you really think guns are never used for self defense? Why do law enforcement officers go around armed then? Newsflash, sparky. They aren't the only ones in our society exposed to a criminal element on a daily basis.

And if you need a gun for a hobby, hey, take up stamp collecting or origami instead.
It's too easy to put a stamp inside the ten ring, bud. Much more challenging to do it with a bullet from distance. And origami is for sissies.

Of course, the gun lovers can justify the object of their desire. Every time you hear about somebody like the lunatic in Alabama who went on a shooting spree last week that left 10 dead, the gun lovers will tell you that the gun had nothing to do with it, it's the gunman at fault. So blame him, not the gun. Of course, such a rampage would have been impossible if the guy weren't using a gun, but the gun lovers don't want to hear that.
Wrong again, junior. Well, the last sentence was wrong, the first part (where you paraphrase gun lovers) is absolutely correct.

And when the gun lovers hear about something like Columbine, or Virginia Tech or Northern Illinois, or a massacre in a mall, or elsewhere, they'll just say if more people had guns to defend themselves with, you'd have less violence. If you can figure out the logic in that one, let me know.
It's a simple concept, really. An armed person could respond to a shooter successfully, where an unarmed person would likely have little chance for success. It ain't rocket science.

And don't get me started on the folks who say they have a right to own an assault weapon. Why? So they can hunt squirrels with an AK-47 while blathering about their second amendment rights?
You don't hunt much, do you? You also don't know the difference between military weapons and their civilian counterparts, the so-called "assault weapon". Rather than try to explain it here, please go here and watch the video.

I grew up in a tough area of Chicago, there was never a gun in my house, and I never felt defenseless or vulnerable. Shockingly, I even slept well.There will never be a gun in any house that I live in. That's because nothing good ever comes from a gun.
I am truly glad violence has never invaded your life, you're lucky.

But please don't try to keep others from defending themselves by calling for a weapons ban.

Updated to thank JR for the pointer. I knew I forgot something. Just got all caught up in the moment.



Bob S. said...

Excellent rebuttal, it is unfortunate that Sparky will never read it or heed it.

But there may be a person who was undecided about firearms reading; your post is an great post for them to read and understand gun owners.

Great work Sir

Rustmeister said...

That's exactly why I do it.

John R said...

Excellent job there Rustie.

I could not find DimWit's email, but here is his editor's:

Antonio Fins, editorial page editor:

Mike W. said...

"Ok, first off, you're declaring your hatred for an inanimate object. Not a good start."

That's the sign of a serious mental illness.

And I know it's very cliche by now, but if all guns do are kill then mine are clearly defective.

JT said...

He may not have *felt* defenseless and vulnerable, but I'm fairly certain he *was* defenseless and vulnerable. That's what most of these guys don't get - it doesn't matter what you *feel*, what matters is what *is*.

Rustmeister said...

Reality sure can get in the way of an good anti-gun screed, can't it?

NotClauswitz said...

He's in his echo-chamber and loving the warm cup of Soma and the tasty lotus-petals.
Having grown up in a "tough are of Chicago" never feelign defenseless or vulnerable - then his dad must have paid the neighborhood bag-man for his safety - what was the cost there? How little he knows what really happened while he lay dreaming, and still does.

Anonymous said...

A bang up post!