Monday, March 9, 2009

Indoctrination - GED Style

Via an email from the ILA, it looks like our countries' educators aren't waiting till college to start the anti-gun indoctrination:

Education or Indoctrination? Another Outrage

This next outrage comes to us from North Dakota, where we find a General Educational Development (GED) practice test showing blatant anti-gun bias.

The GED tests, sometimes referred to as a "General Equivalency Diploma" or "General Education(al) Diploma," are used to certify that an individual who passes the test has high school-level skills. The tests were originally created to help veterans after World War II. The tests were never intended to be a vehicle for advancing a political agenda. But one North Dakota practice test is attempting to do so.

On page three of the test, under the heading "Government Comprehension" there is a political cartoon featuring a caricature of Uncle Sam with a shovel in his hand and a fat man wearing a shirt that says, "GUN LOBBY." The two are standing in a cemetery in front of an open grave. Dirt is falling from Uncle Sam's shovel. The grave's headstone reads, "Another Victim Of A Senseless Shooting Spree." The figure representing the gun lobby, with his hand on Uncle Sam's back, is stating, " No One Ever Said Preserving The American Way Of Life Would Be Easy…"

Click on the PDF link to see the rest. I consider myself "smarter than the average bear", but I still can't figure out the correct answer for question #21.



Newbius said...

Obviously, the answer is 6. "All of the above."

The corollary is that we need to change our fundamental rights and American way of life in order to prevent this in the future, and that groups advocating for the preservation of our Rights (and the government-for listening to them) are all wrong and are culpable.



Rustmeister said...

Yeah, that's pretty much it.

Anonymous said...

You did notice that Question 22 has the wording of Pro-Choice or Anti-Abortion, not Pro-Life?

Yeah, no bias at all.

Now try this: Instead of Gun Lobby, imagine if his shirt said Gun CONTROL Lobby. It makes more sense then...

Rustmeister said...

Good catch, Anon.