Monday, February 2, 2009


... is fair play, so I've been told. So, in the wake of the Federal Government's non-action, we get to read this:

With nearly 1.5 million people in the mid-west without power during a cold snap, what other possible reason is there that this new "competent" administration and FEMA would be failing so spectacularly in helping in this natural disaster?

It's got to be that Obama hates white people and wants them to die!

Of course, I am just aping what lefty blogs were saying about Bush less than 24 hours after Katrina's hurricane winds stopped blowing. But AP is reporting that Midwest disaster relief people are none too pleased with our new president's FEMA.

Yeah, gotta wonder where Mike Myers and company is when we flyover country folk are in dire straits.

The Anchoress has an excellent rundown on the situation:
When a million people in flyover country are suffering, and 42 people have died, we don’t hear much about it. If this was New York, Washington, Boston, (or if the president had an R after his name) you’d see non-stop reports, and the press would be roundly criticizing FEMA’s absence, and the White House’s disregard. Right?

I wish I could say I'm surprised.

h/t to Breda, who has the Mike Myers/Inarticulate racist asshole rapper video there.



Bitter said...

Why are you blaming Mike Myers for what Kanye West said? Myers reaction was one of horror and WTF? as opposed to agreement.

Is there something I missed about Mike Myers believing Bush hates black people?

Rustmeister said...

No, just wondering where he, and celebrities in general, are at.

Wasn't trying to link him to West's statements, he just had the misfortune to be in the clip.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Kentucky a red state full of white evangelical gun toting clingers? Just say is all.