Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Titan Thoughts

It's now the off season in the NFL. Free agency and the draft are the only big things going on until summer camp, so I'll opine on those two things.

Free agency has a lot of our key players getting ready to make some big bucks.Albert Haynesworth, Kerry Collins, Bo Scaife, Rob Bironas and Chris Carr to name a few.

Here's how I think it will play out:

Rob Bironas PK - He'll get signed

Chris Carr CB - He said he'd take a pay cut to stay with the Titans. I say give him a raise and work him in more at Corner.

Kerry Collins QB - He'll get signed, the Titans would be crazy not to.

Vincent Fuller S - He's worth keeping, but may find money elsewhere.

Albert Haynesworth DT - If we don't lock him up prior to the beginning of free agency, he's gone. He's gonna be the highest paid player in football. The funny thing is, I don't think our defense will suffer as much as people say it will.

Craig Hentrich P - He's thinking about retiring. We'd better have a backup plan in place.

Reynaldo Hill CB - Buh-bye.

Brandon Jones WR - He's a keeper. Although he wasn't productive this year due to injury, he's a good prospect. I think we'll wind up signing him.

Eric King CB - I think the Titans will let him go, or sign him for cheap.

Daniel Loper OT - We need to keep him, he's part of a great offensive line rotation.

Justin McCareins WR - Meh. He's not the Justin we had before.

Bo Scaife TE - Scaife is an up-and-down kinda player. We should keep him if the price is reasonable, but getting into a bidding war over him isn't worth it.

Chris Simms QB - If we re-sign him to a long deal, expect Vince Young to walk at the end of next season.

Kevin Vickerson DT - He's getting there as a player, it would be nice to have him back, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Detroit native goes to the Lions this year.

So, with all that being said, what do the Titans need to get in free agency? T.J. Houshmandzadeh. That's it.

As for the draft, we're pretty low in the queue, so dealing it away isn't likely. Most pundits say we should get a WR for our first round pick, but that's not likely, either. If we do manage to get TJ, that'll be off the table anyway.

We'll probably go for the best player available, unless the genius that scouted Chris Johnson has another trick up his sleeve. Let's hope so.


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