Monday, January 12, 2009


Sorry for no music yesterday, but there was no joy in the Alehouse this weekend.

My beloved Titans lost to the Dancing Dickbeaters Ravens.

While I would like to lay the blame on the Ref's non-call of delay of game against the Nutless Assmunchers Ravens, I cannot. The zebras didn't cause Alge to fumble inside the red zone, nor did they cause that other team to make some great catches.

But, you have to wonder why everyone not wearing black and white saw the play clock run to zero and beyond. Hmm.

Anyway, football season is over in the Alehouse. Time to get back to fisking hoplophobes and all those other things that give me pleasure.

It was a nice run, Titans. Let's hope we make the right moves off season to improve our offense and keep our defense intact.

While I'd love to have come up with these more appropriate names for the Elite Cockjockeys Team Who Shall No Longer be Named, I didn't. You can find a really nice rant here, the source of my more descriptive names for the Team Who Shall No Longer be Named.

Carry on.



West, By God said...

I love your new name for the Ravens. I'll be sure to use that next weekend as the Steelers trounce them.

"Haha! Take that you dancing dickbeater! Ben owns you nutless assmunchers!"

Seriously though, I think my boys from Pittsburgh have a better shot against the Ravens than they would have against the Titans.

Mike W. said...

Sorry about that Rusty, but as a UD alumni I have to say......GO FLACCO!

Rustmeister said...

Mike, I guess I can let that slide. Flacco is pretty amazing for a rookie.

Greg, I'm with ya. Much rather see the Steelers win.

Brandon said...

Unlike Carolina, we have no single man to blame for our team's failure to advance. No, this loss was a team effort. Damn.