Thursday, January 8, 2009

Glocks Aren't Manly

I'm sorry, but they're not. Reliable, functional, yes. But not manly.

Replace it with the Garand, then you'd have a manly list.

This opinion is in no way related to the fact that I own only one on that list. Nope, not in the slightest.


Haji said...

Most of that list needs to get ditched. The Glock gets double manly points because there are some outrageously manly men using them. Its coolness by association, borne out by thorough testing. The rest of the Mil Surps on that list don't interest me in the least.

Rustmeister said...

Well, one definition of "manly" would have to include everything over .40 caliber including the 10mm.

Another definition would need a lever action rifle in it, yet another could have all muzzle loaders.

It's really subjective.

But, yes, I wondered why he included both the M44 and the K31 when the Garand would smoke them both.

Jay G said...

Dunno, Rustmeister.

My G30 carries 10 rounds of the ├╝ber manly .45 ACP and another 15 in a spare mag.

25 rounds of .45 ACP goodness in an easily portable package is pretty darn manly in my book...

Or womanly, if they so choose...

Rustmeister said...

I was gonna make an exception for the 10mm Glock, I guess maybe I could for the .45 as well. =)