Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Addressing Racial Slurs

It’s Time To Stop The ‘Redneck’ Slurs

Yes, that’s right, “redneck” is a slur. Some folks in the 21st century, including myself, embrace it as a symbolic term of endearment for the hard-working everyman. But historically speaking, “redneck” is a stereotypical slur aimed unfairly at all white Southerners, and then some, for more than a century now.

Let's Hope that will Change in the near future. After all, we're supposed to be all of one mind now, aren't we? We're all Americans again, right?

We are, at least, till one of them celebrity Lear Jets has a layover in Jackson, Mississippi, or maybe Oklahoma City. Then, we'll be rednecks again. In flyover country.

It can't come soon enough.

Hat tips to the Reynolds family. Glenn for the first link, Dr. Helen for the second.


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