Monday, December 22, 2008

Titan Thoughts

To all those Steeler fans out there, especially the ones at the game yesterday - towels are for wiping butts, not waving at football games. Especially when you get pounded like you did.

The above statement was just my humble contribution to the renewed Steelers-Titans rivalry.

Now back to my regularly scheduled thoughts.

That was as close to a complete game as the Titans have played this year - 31 rushing attemps to 29 passing. Collins looked sharp, and our receivers were getting open.

Surprise play by defensive line rookies Jason Jones and William Hayes is really what saved our bacon. I, like many other Titans fans, was concerned over the loss of starterd KVB and Big Al. I remember last year, when Big Al was out - we got rocked. This time, we rocked them.

Those two rookies I just mentioned? They had only played in two games prior to the one yesterday. I can't wait to see them this time next year. The possible downside of all this is we might not pony up the big bucks to keep Big Al after the season ends. I hope we do. The announcers were rightly comparing him to Reggie White yesterday. We really should keep him.

Chris Johnson, you damn near lost that football with your hot-dogging. Celebrate after you fross the goal line, not before. I can't believe Fisher doesn't fine him for that crap.

Big props to 12 Gage for hanging on the the ball after that big hit from Polumalu. If we were to have a bona fide #1 receiver, Gage and Hawkins would round out an excellent receiving corps.

For all Chris Johnson's Dash, if I had to pick only one running back, I'd take LenDale. Not only is he a more complete back, he does a mean two step.

Whoever was doing the commentary there was One Sad Panda, eh?

The road to the Superbowl runs through Tennessee this year.



Haji said...

The Titans put together a very complete game yesterday, and have home field throughout the playoffs. That's a big advantage that is going to serve them well. They're lookin' good!

Rustmeister said...

I certainly hope so.

Being a #1 seed doesn't guarantee success.